ventilasjonsdypepumpe 12 v.

ventilasjonsdypepumpe 12 v. for båter til laveste pris. RULE electric pumps suitable for ventilation and water recirculation in fish and bait tanks. The input and output can be rotated 360 degrees allowing several mounting options. Capacity 3028 lt./h, for tanks up to132 lt. Power supply 12V 2,8A, fuse 5 Amp. Thread 3/4, hose conn. Ø mm. 19. Threaded sea suction tube for mounting di- rectly on the valve input with inside outlet to connect to a sea gate. .

ventilasjonsdypepumpe 12 v.. Rule Industries Inc. .2-B-1616802.

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ventilasjonsdypepumpe 12 v.

  • Produsent: Rule Industries Inc.
  • Varenummer: 2-B-1616802
  • Tilgjengelighet: Levering innen 15 arbeidsdager

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  • 67,00€
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Nøkkelord: ventilasjonsdypepumpe, 12, v.